Fuel Consumption Simulation

Quick parametric fuel consumption simulation app. Read more about this app here. View source.

Simulation Inputs

Parameter Value Parameter Value
Preferred ship sailing speed, knots: Vertical acceleration threshold, m/s²:
Auxiliary power load, W: Relative position to LOA, %:

Scatter Diagram

A scatter diagram for the North Sea is preloaded by default. You can change it by uploading another file.

Design Library

Ship Specification


Tick box to fix corresponding dimension (volumes are kept constant).
Length (0.00 m) Beam (0.00 m) Depth (0.00 m)

Weight Scaling and Simulation

Weights of hull, decks and bulkheads are scaled with their areas. Lightweights of tanks and compartments are assumed to remain constant. As capacities of tanks and compartments scale with volume, they also remain constant. Read more about ship objects here.

Simulation will be performed for the design space visualized above. The algorithm will fix the beam at base value, loop through the length, step over beam, loop through length and so on. A step of 0.01 in the scaling ratio is used by default, totaling a number of up to 441 simulated ship specifications.

Propeller Specifications

Read more about propeller specifications here.

Power Plant Specifications

Read more about power plant specifications here.


Every combination of scaled ship, propeller and power plant specifications will be simulated. It may take some minutes to perform all the simulations.

Results Visualization

Parallel Coordinates

Adapted from this page.

Pareto Frontier

Adapted from this page.

Design Description

Click on one design in the Pareto frontier plot to display its description below.