Ship Transition

CO2 Storage

The dissolution stage comprises two possible solutions for the dissolution system: using a dedicated unit (DU) or using the FPSO (Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading) platform available infrastructure.

When using a dedicated unit, a subsea pump will provide water to the cave dissolution. This subsea pump requires an infrastructure consisting of a generator, an umbilical cable to provide high voltage electricity, a water intake pipe, and connection equipment as flowlines, terminals, and jumpers

On the transition phase the Dedicated unit ship is substitute by a FPSO that stores the liquified CO2, the Sub pump unit is removed and the Umbilical will be reconnected to the Christmas Tree.

The FPSO start the injection of the liquified CO2 in the epoch, the time for fulfilling the epoch depends upon the size of the epoch and CO2 flow rate.

Epoch Analysis of a Salt Cave - Dissolution and Capacity Simulation

Felipe Ferrari, Daniel Prata, Henrique Gaspar

Ship Design and Operations Lab

Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering - NTNU (Aalesund, Norway)

A simulation using Vessel.js library - November, 2019.